Hello everyone. Welcome to This is Missy from southern California. I would like to talk today about pronunciation. Many English learners tend to have problems with many of the vowel sounds in English words, especially words that seem to sound so much alike. I have chosen 5 groups of words that are like this so that you can practice your English pronunciation with me. I first would like to ask you if you could please click on the link that says, “read more" that is directly underneath this podcast player so that you can see the words as I read them.
Please repeat after me as I say the words so that you can practice the pronunciation with me.
The first set of words that I have chosen are:

1) button - bottom

button, button, u , u, button ......bottom, bottom, o, o, bottom....button, bottom

The second set of words are:

2) launch - lunch
launch, launch, au, au, launch......lunch, lunch, u, u, lunch.....launch, lunch

The third set of words are:

3) bought - but
bought, bought, ou, ou, bought.....but, but, u ,u, but....bought, but

The fourth set of words are:

4) live - leave
live, live, i, i, live......leave, leave, ea, ea,, leave

The last set of words are:

5) sleep - slip
sleep, sleep, ee, ee, sleep.....slip, slip, i, i, slip.....sleep, slip

hi everyone my name is jorge i am form argentina and i am glad to find this website that is helping many people to improve their english.

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